Lieven Lefere plays with the complex relationship between reality and the photographic image. The Belgian artist works extremely meticulously and therefore also remarkably slowly. With great care – his process often starts months in advance – he manipulates all the parameters that make a photograph what it is. He constructs his images with a certain scale and framing in mind, moulds the space, makes mock-ups and decides how to cast light on the scene.


It is not unusual for Lefere to draw inspiration from existing (re)constructions of reality, actively collaborating with scientists. In doing so, he tries to push the boundaries of photography further. As a result, the artist often creates an atmosphere that far transcends documentary photography and depicts reality in a way that painting or architecture do as well. The absence of people in his work and his fascination with impermanence reinforce that atmosphere.

Lieven Lefere
Lieven Lefere