Olivier Valsecchi directs nude models like a conductor, orchestrating phantasmagorical
images in which bodies are stripped of gender or identity. He excels through his refined
sense of light and his particular blend of aesthetics and emotion. Over the years, Valsecchi
has developed a unique, inspired view of the human form. This is also why, today, he is
regarded as one of the zealots of contemporary nude photography.


In Olivier Valsecchi’s mystical compositions, the beauty and expression of the human body
are magnetic. His work revolves around birth, death, and rebirth. As in the series BlackDust
Portraits, which shows the photographer’s fascination with ash and charcoal. Or in the
series Equilibrium, in which circus performers seek perfect balance, fully aware that they
can only hold it for a few seconds.

-Courtesy Art22 Gallery

Olivier Valsecchi
Olivier Valsecchi
Olivier Valsecchi
Olivier Valsecchi
Olivier Valsecchi