Bara Prasilova

The second International Ostend Photo Biennial stretches across the City by the Sea. Follow the route between Fort Napoleon and Mu.ZEE - vice versa is also possible - and discover work by several top (inter)national photographers at the most exceptional locations.

Where Joel-Peter Witkin hides in Fort Napoleon, the work of the other top photographers of the second International Photobiennial Ostend is on display outdoors. Like that of Mous Lamrabat, a top Moroccan-Belgian talent who connects his two cultural identities through photography. In doing so, Mous carefully chooses universally recognisable symbols to create a fluid visual narrative that can be understood by all. He palms the Leopold Park with his high-profile photographs.

On the Zeedijk, in turn, photographs by Giorgia Bellotti 'hang'. The Italian photographer uses the self-portrait to see, heal and search for herself, without ever revealing her face. It is the way to express herself.

And at the 3 Gapers, it is all Bara Prasilova what rings the bell, whose surreal images are at the crossroads of absurdity, curiosity and beauty.

Finally, Jenny Ymker settles down with her own thoughts and dream images in various locations around the city, including Kings Park. While Peter Lippmann takes the Princess Stefanie Square with his photographs in which simplicity and purity prevail.

All outdoor locations are accessible free of charge.